Six Strategies For Hybrid Learning Success

As teachers across the country begin to plan for the uncertainties of school reopenings in the fall, one thing is certain: we must plan curriculum that is nimble and flexible in delivery if we want to be successful. After an exhausting spring, the prospect of re-designing a curriculum for the fall feels daunting. Yet there are simple tools that we can leverage to build meaningful and flexible learning experiences for our students, no matter what the fall might bring.

While each classroom and school will look different this fall, there are many methods and tools that teachers can leverage to create meaningful learning experiences of their students. Recognizing education as an ongoing, lifelong process frees students to take ownership of their learning experiences, guided by their teachers and their own passions. With creativity and collaborative spirit, teachers and students can make the 2020–21 school year both successful and meaningful.



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Kathleen E. Reardon, J.D.

Kathleen is Director of Academic Technology, teacher, lawyer, and T1D mom. Visit No information herein constitutes legal advice.